Bob Baldwin is a world-class artist, having performed in Brazil, South Africa, the Netherlands, The UK, and Toronto, to name a select few. His discography commenced in 1987, when he won the Sony Innovators Award, selected by Roberta Flack. 

His radio program, New Urban Jazz Lounge, with Bob Baldwin. is changing the sound of Contemporary Jazz in the midst of the debilitating hierarchy that is Smooth Jazz.  The radio show covers Contemporary Jazz going back to the 70's, which helps secure its legacy, but also brings to light new artists and fuses Urban and Brazilian flavors. It's the perfect fix for Contemporary Jazz fans from all walks of life.

Take a seat in the, New Urban Jazz Lounge, and chill to the groove, as Bob takes you on a magical journey through the incredible world of jazz every Wednesday evening from 6 - 8 pm EST, and Thursday mornings from 7 - 9 am EST.


Bob Baldwin Host Of New Urban Jazz Lounge Monday, 6 - 8 pm Eastern; Thursday, 7 - 9 am Eastern


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